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The Great Ape is Back!

King Kong
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This community is dedicated to the upcoming project King Kong, a new movie directed by Peter Jackson (director of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Heavingly Creatures, The Frighteners, e.a.).

We all hate them...

1. Spoilers and posts containing more than one pic or a very large one, must be placed behind an LJ-cut (<*lj-cut>texts and pics<*/lj-cut> without the * ). Else you will receive a warning or get banned
2. No hotlinking from other pages. Upload your pictures at Photobucket. It's free and easy
3. Quiz results please placed as a reply to the original post so that not your entire f-list will get flooded
4. Always try to give the source to newsbits
5. No flaming of users and/or actors. You don't have to agree with everything of course, but no real bashing.
5. PlEAse dOn'T TyPe LIeK ThIs!!!11!!! It freaks me out.

What to post here
- Pics
- Newsbits
- Rumors
- Icons
- Fanfiction (all sorts, but please put a rating in your entry and your story behind a lj-cut)
- Quizes
- Discussion

Contact ringlunatic for questions