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What about the 1940s? / Englehorn and Jack HoYay

If King Kong wasn't set in an Alternative Universe since the beginning, the rampage by a giant ape throughout New York would definitely make it divergent from our universe. What happens afterwards?

The 1930s was the decade of the depression, and then the 1940s was the decade of war. Hmmmn, come to think of it, when the King Kong movie was first made, and when it was set, the Nazi were already Germany. Is that why Englehorn, who is supposed to be French in the original, but is listed as German in the imdb for the new one, is captaining a tramp steamer?

Side Note: Englehorn is played by Thomas Kretschmann, who played Captain Hosenfeld in The Pianist, opposite Adrien Brody who played Szpilman, the pianist that Hosenfeld aided. Does anybody know how Kretschmann came to play the part of Englehorn in this movie? Did Jackson request him or did he answer a casting call? I just love it when actors who have worked together, works together again. (Example: Humphrey Bogart, Peter Lorre, and Sydney Greenstreet, all three in Casablanca (1942) and The Maltese Falcon (1931)) There is an intimacy in that, especially when the director and/or writer recognize it and has some subtle in joke.

Apparently, in The Pianist, Szpilman saw Hosenfeld when a jar of pickle he was holding dropped and rolled towards him. Then in this film, a jar of chloroform rolls from Englefeld to Jack. Jack's expression is soooo funny, was he worried that Englefeld is going to use the chloroform on him? Bwhahahahaha! It's so amusing, that Ann is so beautiful, but Carl seem to be interested in her only professionally, and Englehorn as a point of social courtesy. Both Carl and Englehorn is way more interested in Jack. If King Kong had climbed up the tower with Jack instead of Ann, what do you suppose Carl and Englehorn will do?

Is there anything out there other than Watching Tigers by Esohpe, or Shackles by lemoyneletters?
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